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Related post: Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:28:01 -0600 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal Part 8Rascal Part Eight Conceal shelby teen model and Convince(M/M Oral, Anal, Incest This is runway modelsnude a continuing story. Constructive criticism is welcome, at zestfulmyexcel.com. gumby clay model Mention the title in the Subject line or I might delete it by accident, thinking it's spam. Disclaimer: nn 9yo models The following story is a work hot teen model of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The characters in this story might not practice safe sex, so you should not imitate their behavior. Save a life--your own--by practicing safe sex. If you're not old enough to read stories involving graphic descriptions of sex between consenting males, or if such stories are illegal where passwordz teenmodels you live, do not continue reading beyond this sentence.Rascal Part Eight Conceal and Convince The weekend after Memorial Day, I told Lyle about the sleepover discussion I had with Jason, my workmate, in The Emporium lunchroom several months earlier. I told him about how sheltered Jason's kids were and how I'd suggested to him that Ryan should invite Jason's son and daughter over. So, Lyle invited Jason and me to, as he called it, the "Country Club." It was neither a club nor in the country but rather, in a seedy part of town. It was an abandoned, dilapidated Tastee Freeze that had been gutted and redecorated--if that's what you want to call it. The furniture was what my older friends refer to as "Early Attic," a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture in different colors and styles. The "storefront" windows of the old ice creamery were boarded up and taped on the inside so no outside light filtered through. A bare bulb hung from a plastic chain lamp--the "stylish" goldfish bowl globe models gierls having been removed at some point. "What is this place?" I asked as the odor of stale sweat and musty mildew assailed my nostrils. There was a third odor I couldn't quite identify. I expected Lyle to push a button or pull a lever and we'd be transported into some chrome and glass FBI interrogation chamber. 'I've really got to stop watching those "Men In Black" reruns!' I thought. "It's where a few of us come to mellow out. No radio, no TV, no mail, newspapers, magazines ... just a place to think. Sometimes the stress from juggling our jobs, our wives, the kids, just gets a little overpowering and we come here to vegetate." "Wow," Jason said. Most likely, it was said more in appreciation for the solitude of the place than for its abhorrent decor. "Wow," I said firex model gc in awe, discovering that Lyle's perfect little life wasn't as perfect as it appeared. "How bambie model many guys use this?" Jason asked. "Oh, half a dozen, maybe." Lyle leaned over and turned on the only other lamp, one sitting on a 1950s fake wood-grained step table. "Make yourselves at home." I sat in an overstuffed wing-backed chair. Jason chose one of the two sofas facing each other while Lyle sat on the sofa across from him. Lyle kicked off his shoes and let them "fall where model girl child they may," and curled one leg up under himself. I toed out of mine, too. "Some things have been going on lately that I need to talk to you two about," Lyle said in a worried bridgeland model homes tone. "Uh, Lyle," I said. "No," Lyle said in his normal authoritative tone, "I need to verbalize this before I lose my nerve. Dick tells me you have a couple of kids the same age as my son." "Yeah, one a little older, the other younger, but yeah," Jason said with a look on his face like he was wondering where all this was leading. "I also understand that Ryan ..." Jason's expression turned to one of dread. "... tricked you into getting us a plasma TV," Lyle continued. "Well ... I have to tell you ..." Jason said apologetically. Lyle raised his hands to stop him. "I know my son all too well. And I apologize for any, uh ... inconvenience he might have caused you. But lately, he's ... modelo sexo shall we say, broadening his horizons." I didn't know how much Lyle had learned from Ryan about his relationship with Jason, so I said, "I think what Lyle is trying to say is ..." Lyle's stare shut me up. "Dick tells me you're not real happy with the kind of influence your wife is having on your kids ... in one particular area." "Religion," Jason said. "There are other things, like she doesn't want me to take Tyler bow-hunting in October. But he's ft models shown an interest in it, so I'm gonna take him. I'm sure she doesn't want him killing animals, but like I say, he's only half hers. For the most part, though, it's religion. It's like she's force-feeding them religion by the shovel full." "Dick seems to think Ryan could help level the playing field a little. He says you want the kids to get to know each other." "Most definitely," Jason said. "Before we go any further, I have to super model teen tell you a few things about Ryan ... and then, Dick's got a few things HE needs to tell beutiful models you, too." I squirmed in my chair like a schoolboy outside the principal's office. "Ryan's gay," Lyle said. "He's flirting with the idea of 'Trying the Bi Side,' as he puts it. I'm no fool. I know he's gay. He's never gonna be anything BUT gay. I wish he weren't. I truly do--for his sake. Okay, for my sake, too, but what this means to you is, anything he does around your daughter will probably be an act. Not deliberately! I think he really believes he's gonna make this work. But I think he's doing it for his mother, and as you know, when you do anything for the wrong reason, it never works." "He's the most persistent kid I know," I said, to affirm Lyle's assessment of Ryan's current japanese models nudes situation. "Now, before we agree to this," Lyle said, "there's something Dick needs to inform you about himself ... his life BEFORE he started working at The Emporium." I was glad Lyle clarified that. I was hoping he wasn't going to make me confess to sucking and fucking Ryan. "I got ... no ... let me preface that. Human Resources knows about my past--and probably the manager does, too. But anyway, no one else at work knows." "I can keep a secret," Jason said. "I was in prison for six years for a gay-related sex offense." "Involving adults, not children," Lyle said. "Thanks," I said sincerely. "Obviously, Lyle knows about it but so does Ryan. I assure you, I have NO designs on your son. Kids just don't interest me." "Except Ryan," Lyle said. Jason's eyebrows shot up. "With my consent," Lyle added. "Ryan has taken a liking to this guy for some reason," Lyle said, jerking his thumb in my direction, "and so have I." A warm fuzzy feeling came over me all of a sudden. Lyle didn't have to add that remark but I was glad he did. "You two?" Jason asked, shocked. "No, no, no. Not like that. For right now, we're ..." Lyle hesitated. "Giving each other the occasional helping hand," I said. "Well, since we're into confessions here, I think I should tell you ... when Ryan came to work with Dick that day ..." "I know all about it," Lyle said. "Or, at least enough to know we don't need to dwell on it. If you enjoyed what transpired, fine. If not, let me know and I'll tell treo latest model Ryan to back off. If you want to ... get friendly with Ryan, you have my permission." "Uh elite models computer ... oh! ... well ... umm." "Yeah," I said. "That's the same thing I said when Lyle told ME it was okay." "But I'll tell you one thing," Lyle said menacingly, "if you EVER do anything to hurt my boy--with forethought of malice, I'll take you down." "I just don't see that nn jailbait models happening," Jason said. "I could no more harm that kid than I could my own." "I got that impression but I didn't want you to think it russian litte model was open season on my son." child modeling panties Lyle smiled as he pretended to aim a bow and arrow at Jason. "I ..." Jason said, hesitating. "I ... need to let you know ... uh, I've ... been interested in guys all my life. Young guys when I was young, older guys as I got older." "Contemporaries," Lyle said. "Yeah. But God's honest truth, I never thought about doing it with kids until Ryan. If fact, I'm not sure any other kid would interest me. But I gotta tell you, when Ryan put the make on me, I was flattered! Little did I know it was for a TV, but what the hell." "No, it was you," I said. "The TV was just icing on the cake." "You really think so?" Jason asked teen model potfolio a little flushed. "Yep," Lyle and I said simultaneously. "Well, since Sherita's gotten all holy roly on me, I've been worshipping at the Shrine of the Happy Palm a lot more. A month ago, I met a guy ... a man ... who ... well, he's working with me to overcome some of my ... sexual anxiety." "Devon?" Lyle asked. "Ohmigod! sweet innocent models Yeah! How did you ..." "I told you," I said, "Lyle knows everything about everyone who comes in contact with Ryan," "Jesus, that's scary! ameteur bikini models Well, anyway, it's getting kinda serious between us." "And ..." I asked. Hearing no response I asked, "How do you feel about that?" "It scares me. I don't want to ruin what I tania childmodel have with my wife ..." "What there child model guide is of it ... from what you've said." I offered. "Well, yeah, that's exactly it! Inside, I feel I need something more, something Sherita's not giving me." "Or she's withholding from you," I sympathized. Jason nodded in agreement. "Well, just milf model bondage keep a low profile," Lyle said. "If Sherita divorces you, for gay infidelity, you'll never see the kids again, and there's nothing I'll be able to do to prevent it." "There's just one thing that scares me," Jason said. "Uh, I was wondering ... uh, how is it that you're so open-minded about ... Ryan being gay and all. I don't mean for you to, you know, reveal deep dark secrets or anything, but ..." "It's okay. I know what I can say towson nude modeling and to whom," Lyle said, in a confident tone. "First of all, Ryan's got a gay uncle. In addition to that, Ryan's got a good head on his shoulders, even if it is a little unorthodox at times. He's never put himself or the family in jeopardy--and I mean NEVER. As you well know, he's always got his bases covered. He never teen usa models acts on impulse--even though it doesn't seem like it at times!" "Thank God!" I said with a chuckle. "I don't think we could keep up with him without those rest periods when he's ..." "Conniving?" Lyle asked. "Yeah," I said. "The other reason I'm okay with Ryan being gay is that Dick and I are ... exploring some alternatives to solo masturbation. Amanda and I have great sex. She's always there when I ask ... eagerly, I might add. But for several years now, I've known something was missing. I had a couple of minor flings--gay--in college but nothing that would really constitute me being gay." "Few and far between is the way Lyle explained it to me," I said. "But lately, you've ...?" Jason asked. "Lately, if the truth be told, I've old sexy model been envious of Ryan. I wish I could have been as open about sex when I was his age but ... you know, that was a different era. So, when Ryan met Dick, I started asking myself why I was denying myself certain pleasures." "And I'm glad he did," I said. "Uh, Lyle, okay if I ..." teen modeling jobs and I made a jack-off motion. "All this talk about sex has me ..." Lyle grabbed his crotch, displaying his hard-on, "You're not the only one." "Care to join us?" I asked looking directly at Jason. "Oh, fuck! I thought you'd never ask. I've been russian prettens models hard since you told me you were gay." "Dressed or undressed?" I asked. Lyle stood and, as he walked over to fiddle with the door lock, he said, "Naked." On his way back, he stripped before flopping down on the sofa. Jason and I had stripped before Lyle got the door locked. "Slow and easy?" Lyle asked me as we began to stroke our cocks. "For now," I said. "First one who needs a little oral, let me know." "That's a promise," Jason said enthusiastically. "Would you and your friend Devon like to join the 'Country Club?'" Lyle asked, waving a hand in the air at the dubious ambiance of the place. "It'll be a safe place to go--where you won't be seen." "You don't have to do this ..." Jason said bashfully. "I'm doing it for the kids. They've got a good father who's looking out for their best interest. I'd hate to see your kids--and, if they become good friends, Ryan--suffering 13y model russian through a messy divorce." "But the other guys who use it. I mean ..." "It's first come, first serve. preeteen fashion models We don't use it that often anyway, as you can see. You saw the digital lock on the door?" "Yeah," "The code won't work if you set it properly." "Oh," Jason said seemingly as confused as I was. "Once you're inside, you can set it to lock people out. But it deprograms automatically when you asian naturist models leave, so you mature foot models have to set it each time you come in. You're not the only one who has things to hide. Anyway, if you come up and the door has you locked out, you'll know The Club is in use. A little inconvenient at times, but it gives us a secure place to ... work things out." "I'll talk to Devon." "If you decide you want to, I'll get you a code," Lyle said in his 'and-in-summary' tone of voice. "Thanks." Lyle continued. "Well, Jason, I just want you to know, if we go through with this sleepover thing, Ryan might say things to ... Taylor, is it?" "My daughter, yeah. Tyler's my son." "I don't want her to go into this thinking she's going to end up with a boyfriend. It ain't gonna happen. I don't sexy girls modeling think Ryan would deliberately mislead her. I just don't think kids know how much harm they do by pretending. They just want to fit in and ..." "Lyle, my kids live in such a world of make-believe, I don't think they'd know reality if a load of it landed in their laps. I'm serious, I'd LOVE to see my daughter get dumped by a boyfriend. Oh, sure, it would hurt and it would kill me to have her suffer the heartbreak, but at least she'd learn life's not always fair. More importantly though, I'd know she angel models kiddy was learning to take care of herself." "Sometimes, I think we do a disservice to our kids by making sure they get everything they want--the stuff we never had--but I'm as guilty of it as the next guy." Lyle said. "What about Tyler? What if Ryan decides to put the make on him?" "Tyler's shy. His sister ... overpowers his ... ability to think for himself. She talks for him, answers for him, tells him what lsmodel teen to wear, what to eat. Personally, I'd like to see the kid grow some balls." I knelt in front of Jason and began playing with his balls. "Something kids models sex like these?" "Ummm," Jason crooned as he spread his legs for me. "Well," I said, "he's at that age when it's gonna happen." "Or not," Jason said discouraged. "Between his sister and his mother, they might just stay shriveled up like raisins. Maybe if he sees how self-reliant Ryan is, it'll give him the incentive to try it himself. If Ryan seduces fantastic models teen him ... well ... hell, maybe Tyler will finally realize what a cute little fella he really is. That'll have to help bolster his self-esteem, don't you think?" "What if Tyler's not gay? What if he's psychologically scarred by the event--by us interfering in his life?" Lyle asked. "That's the point. If we DO interfere and things go wrong, we've ruined their lives. panty model video If we DON'T interfere, yonug teen models we've cheated our children out of a valuable fucking model sucking learning lesson. Either way, we have consequences to pay." "But THEY'RE the plastic model cars ones who have to LIVE with those consequences," Lyle countered. "I'd still feel better about it if I knew they had experienced it and hated it than to never have experienced it at all and lived some dull boring life devoid of sensations. To them, right now, it's got to feel like they're living in an eggshell." "Ryan likes to ... uh ... get naked every chance he gets." "I'd like my kids to be ... more ... open-minded about nudity. Sherita, my wife ..." "I know," Lyle said. Somehow, I knew Lyle knew. Although Lyle tipped his hand when he mentioned Devon, I was sure he'd also done a background check on Jason and his family as soon preeteen models camps as Ryan talked about them. Jason continued candy little models unfazed, probably thinking I had told Lyle her name. "... thinks nudity is fuck model teen an abomination. I swear, she's trying to warp their minds!" "Ryan has a very persuasive way about him," Lyle said. "Don't I know!" bleack teen models Jason said. I was fairly certain Jason was remembering how Ryan had persuaded him to give him a blowjob in the men's room at work. "We all do," Lyle said. "But how do you think your kids will react to Ryan? He's gonna want them to get naked, play with each other ... I don't think it'll go as far as sucking and fucking but I can guarantee you, there'll be a lot of touchy-feely." "I bet it goes farther than that!" I said, grief cycle model gently moving Jason's hand out of the way so I could stroke his cock. "Tyler will have a problem. He's ... well, he's just shy. Too shy. pre tten models I want him to know it's okay for someone to touch him there if HE wants them to touch him there. But he needs to know, too, that it's wrong for someone to touch him, if he DOESN'T want them to touch him. Right now, he could be molested and no one would ever know! He'd be too ashamed to tell me because his mother has him brainwashed into believing he can't talk about sex or sexual things." "I'm not sure Tyler could stop Ryan from touching him but, nudist young models on the other hand, I'm sure Ryan could teach Tyler how to defend himself from such an attack from others." "I guess that's what I'm saying. 230 model If Tyler has to suffer some adolescent indignities at the hands of Ryan in order to learn how to fend off a sex maniac, I'd 1oo nn models consider it an even trade." "Taylor, too?" I asked, knowing many dads were far more protective mikie teen model of their daughters. "Absolutely. Especially her! She's at an age where she's getting curious about guy's ...equipment." "She talks to you about it?" I asked amazed. "God, no! I wish she would! No, there's just some things that have been happening lately that ... have made me more aware. Anyway, if she sees Ryan naked and comfortable with ilust young models his nakedness, top100 teen model maybe she'll feel less ... guilty when she sees some other guy naked ship models ...whenever that happens." "I'm sure Ryan's gonna insist on skinny-dipping in the pool," Lyle said. That's how he got Marty ... well, that's another story. If the kids come over, is skinny-dipping okay?" "Hell, I'd join 'em," Jason said enthusiastically. Then more calmly, "I'm sure they youngest nn model wouldn't be pregnant teen models real comfortable with that but you know what I mean." Lyle said, "Yeah. We're gonna have to let them know--your kids-- that it's okay to ..." "Be open-minded, try new things, experiment," Jason said. "Explore?" I offered. I jerked my head at Lyle for him to join me on the floor in front of Jason. We sat thigh-to-thigh, facing each other, so we could stroke each lingerie models 12yo other's cocks. "Do you think that'll present a problem?" Lyle asked as he lazily fondled Jason's balls. "Not with Taylor. She's adventuresome. If she goes along with something, Tyler will, too. Reluctantly casio model 2735 at first, but he'll do it. He wants to be grownup but he's still ... I don't know ..." "Under his sister's thumb?" I asked. "Exactly. Which is the same thing as being under Sherita's thumb." "So, they come over, they get pretty preeten models along, everything's a go, and they sleep over. What arrangements do you see?" "Uh, well... umm," Jason hesitated. "Taylor in Ryan's room and the boys in the family room? Taylor and Tyler together in Ryan's room and Ryan sleeping with me? The three of them in the king-sized bed in the master bedroom?" "Any of those are fine with me," Jason said. "Like I say, if Ryan tries to put the moves on her in bed, she can learn to fend him off." Playing the devil's advocate, I asked, "What if she doesn't want to?" "That supermodels swimsuit brings up another problem," Jason said thoughtfully. "She knows about condoms from school but I don't know if she'd insist on using one or not. Is there a way ...?" "Ryan won't do anything without a condom unless I give him express permission," Lyle said authoritatively. He moved my hand off Jason's cock and began gently stroking it, looking thirstily at the drop of pre-cum that was oozing out. I scooped it up on one finger and fed it to Lyle. "So what happens when Sherita finds out about this?" Lyle asked. "About you letting the kids have so much freedom of choice," I said, hoping to clarify Lyle's question for myself. "What can she say? They'll have already done it! They'll have lived the experience. She can't take it away from them. She can ground them and she and I can fight about it--as usual--but ultimately, they're my kids, too." "True," I said, scooping up another drop of Jason's pre-cum, this time, licking it off my finger myself. "Like I told Dick when he made me this sleepover offer, he's a blessing in disguise." "He is that!" Lyle said, genuine affection in his tone. Then he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "I really think the kids will be able to keep this a secret," Jason said. "If they enjoy themselves," Lyle said. "If not, they'll go blabbing teen models link it to their mom." "A chance I'm willing to take," Jason said. "If YOU are, I mean. After all, it's YOUR kid Sherita's gonna come gunnin' for." "Well, this is what I was thinking," Lyle said. "You get Sherita to agree to the sleepover. Tell her whatever you need to tell her but she has to agree." "I think I know where you're going with this," I said. "Tell her enough, but don't tell her everything about what we've discussed." "Right. Nothing speculative. Tell her who I am, what I do, maybe a little about Ryan ..." "Got it," Jason said. "Then, if you could be there, too--maybe we'll play cards or something--then there's less of a chance she could find fault with what happens to the kids while they're at my place," Lyle said. "You're right!" Jason said apparently understanding more than I did. swimsuits top models "Not only 'adult' supervision but 'parental' supervision. If anything happens ..." "And I'm sure it will," Lyle said. "... it would be no different than if it happened at MY house when Sherita wasn't at home!" Jason said almost gleefully. "She can't hold jung child model you responsible because I'll be there, too. I can't be one hundred percent sure but I really think the kids are gonna be okay with this." "Good," Lyle said. "Oh, by the way, Dick, I've got a favor to ask." "What's that?" "Ryan's going to turn fifteen in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna be up to my earlobes with Homeland christina lucci model Security until after the election." "What can I do to help?" "Eastern doesn't offer Driver's Ed classes any more because of cost cutting measures and I'm not going to have time to teach him." "I'll be glad to," I said. "I can pay for classes but you know Ryan. He'd drive twink model blonde the instructor into an early grave with his incessant chatter." "And the teacher would be reluctant to shut him up for fear he'd switch driving schools," I said. "Doesn't adult models search Ryan have to have a Certificate of Training?" Jason asked. "No," Lyle said, "because of so many cut-backs over the last couple of years, the state changed the regulations. If he passes the written test, he can take a driving test at the DMV." "There was a lot of opposition to the certificate requirement because it adversely affected low-income students, which helped change the state regulation, too." I said. "One more favor?" Lyle asked. "You want teen amateur models to fuck me?" I asked with just of hint of hope in my voice. "That, too. But could you take Ryan to Corbett's Sporting Goods to get a supporter? I'm gonna start a training regimen for him and I don't want his ..." "I don't either." I said with a smile. "Me either," Jason said. "I mean, I wouldn't want any harm to come to him." "I think you know what I want," Lyle said. "And after Memorial weekend, you know WHY I feel that way." "What happened?" Jason asked, clueless. Between Lyle and me, kidsmodelphoto we described to Jason what happened that weekend. models naturist Then, I asked, "So, what did you and Ryan do after we left?" "If Ryan wants you to know, he'll tell you," Lyle said. "Oh, come ON! Don't tease me like that," Jason said. "I've only met him a couple of times. tenn model girls It's not like he'll confide in ME." "After he gets to know you, he'll tell you, I'm sure," Lyle said. "After the sleepover, he'll be willing to open up to you," I said reassuringly. "In the teen artmodels meantime," Lyle said, "didn't I hear someone offer me their ass to fuck?" I stood up, my cock bobbing in front of me, bent over the armrest of the sofa and said, "At your service." Lyle got up and stood behind me. "Slide down here, Jason, and I'll suck you off," I said. Up close, Jason's cock was intimidating. Lyle and I had been playing with Jason's cock and balls for almost an hour and it looked like the purple head was ready to explode. It erotik modelle hamburg was so shiny, it looked like I'd already been sucking on it, but it was dry. His shaft fit comfortably in my fist as I aimed it at my mouth and used the 12yo models illegal tip of my tongue to tease his piss slit. I was rewarded with a pearl-sized drop of pre-cum. While I savored Jason's teen tampons model juice, I felt Lyle rubbing his cock up and kid thong model down my ass crack, teasing my bunghole. With a mind of its own, it winked every time his cock head passed over it. I wanted him yound child models to shove it in all the way without stopping but, because it was the first time Lyle had fucked me, I decided to let him do it HIS way. 'You annebell teen model can learn a lot about a guy by the way he treats his bottom boy,' I thought. Just as I engulfed Jason's cock all the way to the legal preeteens models pubes, Lyle sunk his rump reamer into my ass all the way to his balls. It wasn't violent but it filled me unexpectedly. A low moan escaped my throat as I expressed my appreciation to both my afternoon lovers for their carnal offerings. "Oooh, what a nice ass," Lyle groaned. "My boy has good taste in man holes." "Your son has a tasty cock, too," Jason said. "That day at work, I just about pissed kds nn models myself when Ryan propositioned me. You know, for fear I'd get caught. But as soon as I got his cock in my mouth, I knew it was worth any punishment I'd have to endure." "Was he wearing his 'webs'?" Lyle asked. "I think those are always a turn on." Lyle's cock continued to rake over my prostate, causing me to leak beads of pre-cum. I rotated my hips a little so I could swirl my cockhead in the accumulated juices sexteen models forming a pool on the armrest. 'Oh yeah, that's the third odor I couldn't quite distinguish,' I thought 'It's the smell of cum--several different guys' cum--that's why it was difficult to identify.' "No," Jason said, "he was wearing a pair of briefs that had 'Home of the Whopper' on them." My mouth watered at the thought. "He got those from his Uncle Marty last Christmas," Lyle said. Between Jason's pre-cum and my own saliva, I had yopung models to take his cock out of my mouth so I could swallow. I started sucking on Jason's balls. "Oh, by the way, as far as I know, Amanda hasn't seen those, so don't toplist models xxx say anything to her about 'em." "I really don't plan to talk to your wife about seeing your son in his underwear," Jason said. "Eat his ass," Lyle said as he tapped me on the back of the head. "I love to see a guy get his ass eaten out." With Jason's help, I was able to lift his ass into position and scoot him closer to me, too. I've seen all kinds of ass holes. Some are pretty and pink. Some are beautiful and brown. Others looked like those awful pictures in the doctor's office of ugly tumors. Jason's was a tiny saucer of pink velvet with a maroon starburst polska models 2 webbing pointing to his central aperture. My tongue shot out of my mouth like a dart to a barroom dartboard to score a direct hit. Both Jason and Lyle moaned their appreciation of my accuracy. Lyle, who had been still while we got Jason into position, began humping my ass again. His pre-cum and my ass juices made lubricated squishy noises as he thrust in and out. I added to the "wet" sounds as I noisily kissed, licked, poked and prodded Jason's asshole with my tongue. I pointed it, flattened it and even curled my tongue trying to insert it into the tight orifice. "You ever been fucked?" I asked, trying to keep the surprise out of my voice when I discovered I couldn't gain entrance. "No," Jason said. "Never?" Lyle asked in astonishment. "Nope." While I went back to sucking on Jason's hole, Lyle asked, "You saving it for Mr. Right?" "Yeah. I guess," Jason said, none-too-convincingly. "Well ... no, not really. I've just been to afraid to try it." "I'm guessing you can't tolerate pain very well." Lyle said. Jason nodded, blushing with embarrassment. "Some can, some can't. And it's not something you can vladmodel free download build up a tolerance for. You either have it or you don't. If you can tolerate pain, you can learn to endure more but if your body--or maybe model nude taegu it's your mind--can't endure pain, you pass out. Personally, I can't watch people getting a needle but I could probably cut my own leg off if fat models nude I had to." Grabbing Jason's crank, I switched from his ass back to his cock. "Hey, wait," Jason said. "Want to 69?" "Thought you'd never ask," I smiled. "There's just one problem," Jason mewled. "What?" I asked, furrowing my brow quizzically. "I've never uh ... sucked a cock as big as yours. I'm not sure I can take it all." "I'll tell you what. We can lay on our sides on the floor and you can take as much or as little as you want. That way, Lyle can still fuck my ass, too." "Great!" Jason said, apparently enthused by the prospect of being in control of his own actions. Lyle grabbed a crocheted blanket off the back of the other sofa and spread it on the floor for us. After Jason and I were in position, Lyle spooned up behind me. Again, when I engulfed Jason, Lyle sunk his cock balls-deep into my ass. I loved the feeling of being filled at both ends at the same time. 'As much as I enjoy nude tens models one-on-one sex, I like multiple-partners sex even more,' I thought. 'Probably goes back to when I was in prison and forced to take multiple partners more often than not.' Lyle was drumming a cadence on my prostate with his plum-sized cockhead as Jason swirled his tongue across the ridge of my cock crown. Once it was nice and wet, he slathered the first few inches of my shaft with his spit and began a downward descent toward my pubes. His suction was just light enough to be titillating. I wanted to ram my cock down his throat but I stayed as still as I possibly could with Lyle battering my butt. I sucked Jason deep into my throat, hoping to encourage him to try and take more of me into his throat. I made swallowing motions with my throat to tease Jason's cock crown. He was about halfway down my cock when he lifted off and said, "Jeez, Dick, I just don't see how anyone can take all that." "It takes practice, and not everyone can. I've learned to appreciate whatever a guy does to make me feel good. Deep-throating is great but eagerness is its own reward--it feels great in a different kind of way. And you're showing me 'eagerness'." "Thanks," Jason said, before he went down on me again. 'Compliments make 'em work harder, too,' I thought. "What I can't believe is how talented Lyle is at butt fucking for only having had a couple of innocent flings in college." I started sucking Jason's cock again as I felt him trying to get me deeper into his throat. "Fucking a guy is just like fucking a girl," Lyle said, "but you don't have to buy him dinner beforehand." I chuckled around the girth of Jason's cock and felt his throat jiggle as he giggled, too. "I hate to say it," Lyle said, "but your ass has me so hot I'm gonna cum. You want it inside or out?" Using my ass muscles, I clamped down on his cock, hoping he'd understand that I wanted him to cum up my ass. 'With any luck,' I thought, 'I can get a load from Ryan up there later petite modelcom tonight and make it a father and son cocktail up my ass. Just then, Jason touched my face and said, "Ummph. Unngh." I put my hands on his hips to keep him from pulling out. His pteen sexy model stomach flexed, his quinn model gallery hips jerked and he started squirting right away. I liked the taste of him. It was a cross between creme soda and applesauce. As I savored his flavor, I tapped him on the head. He pulled his head back to the rim of my crown but left it in his mouth. As I started to shoot the juice, I looked down between us and saw he had his eyes squinted closed. As soon as he got a taste, his eyelids relaxed and he started a suckling motion on my punk models tgp cock head. I figured at some point, Jason must have had an encounter with someone whose cum didn't taste too good but that he decided he liked mine. The three of us crawled up on one sofa, side-by-side, modelo peruana desnuda with me in the middle and rested for about ten minutes. Then, Lyle said, "Well, guys, pussy models I guess I better get home before I end up having to not only buy Amanda dinner but some jewelry, too." "Me, too," Jason said. "I think I know now why I never got married," I said. "Thanks for offering to help me and the kids out. I appreciate it." "Save your thanks until we find out how the kids react," Lyle said. After young boy model we dressed, Lyle and I drove Jason to his house and the two of us went back to Lyle's so I could pick up my car. On the way, we agreed that before I could leave, I'd have to help Lyle tell Amanda what we had planned. Not everything, of course, but like Sherita, we had prteens modeling naked to get her to agree to the sleepover, too.To be continued. Thanks for coming russian legal models back for more. Also, thanks to all those who emailed me with their comments. Due to overwhelming disinterest in the site mentioned in Chapters 1 through 7, that site has closed down. However, I intend to continue this tale for a few more chapters. Thanks for your support of Rascal and his friends. Comments can be sent to me via my editor at zestfulmyexcel.com
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